Garage Door Repair

Los Angeles Area Garage Door Repair Services

Nothing is more frustrating than being in a rush and discovering that your garage door is broken, trapping your car inside. This is very aggravating, plus it makes you run late. What makes it even more frustrating is when it hasn’t been long since the garage door was repaired.

Luckily, this will never happen again, thanks to LA Gates and Doors. Anything we do, whether it’s a repair, routine service, or a new install, is geared toward making your life easier. We set an example for others to follow. Garage door repair should be a painless experience that costs a fair amount and is completed correctly the first time. These are the guiding principles of our business, so we take pride in ensuring they are followed.

When you need a garage door fixed, we understand just how annoyed and frustrated you are. To help make things easier for you and to help lower your frustration, we provide same-day emergency service to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the Los Angeles area, LA Gates and Doors specializes in all forms of garage door repair. There are a variety of reasons why your garage door stops working all of a sudden. Just because your garage door stops working, that does not imply that you need a new door.

We can fix your garage door, whether it’s for a home or a company, so it runs smoothly again. There is no problem that we cannot solve, whether it is a malfunctioning door opener, a cracked door frame, or a broken spring.

When it comes to garage door maintenance, we stand behind all of the doors we mount. Customer support is a crucial component of the services we provide. When you do simple maintenance every six months, your garage door can last for several years.

As soon as you see a problem with your door, give us a call. In the Los Angeles area, we are the expert garage door repairers you can rely on. All of our technicians have received extensive training and are certified. All of our garage door repairs are backed by a warranty.

Los Angeles Area Broken Spring Repairs

A garage door spring that has snapped or broken any other way is a potentially dangerous situation. To avoid a safety issue, stop using your garage door immediately. For any broken springs, call us straight away so we can dispatch one of our service technicians to fix them.

The springs are one of the most important components in all garage doors as they are responsible for providing tension and power to the door mechanism. We have the necessary components on hand to repair torsion and extension spring systems. If a spring fails, our technicians can install safety cables to take the tension. These cables serve as a backup in case a spring fails in the future.

For the Los Angeles area, LA Gates and Doors specializes in broken spring repair. Broken springs are not something homeowners should try repairing on their own, as they can be extremely hazardous. For those without the proper knowledge and skill set, trying to repair them often leads to serious injury.

To provide our clients with peace of mind and ensure their safety, we only use the best parts when making garage door repairs. We’ll make it right so you can rest easy.

Top-Rated Customer Service

All garage doors are guaranteed to be repaired and maintained to the highest standard by LA Gates and Doors. We come to you so we can look at the problem and make a diagnosis. With LA Gates and Doors, you can depend on truthful responses, reasonable rates, and a precise quote. We believe in using only the highest quality components.

To prolong the life of their garage door, several customers prefer our annual maintenance checkup. This gives you peace of mind because you know it’s in good working order.

When you need garage door repairs, contact LA Gates and Doors in Los Angeles. We provide fast and friendly service. Our technicians are trained professionals who are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.